Saturday, February 12, 2011

How To Put a ePhoto Soft Box Light Together

How to Put together an ephoto Softbox Light Together

1. First unbox all your softbox light components.

2. Take the softbox accessories out of the fabric case.

3. open up the softbox

4. Install the softbox around the lamp holder. They can fit very snuggly so it may take some time.

5. Next we'll install the metal poles. Install the unfinished end of the metal pole into the lamp holder and the capped end into the sewn casing on the softbox. Bending the metal pole slightly will help you fit it into the casing. It will be a very tight fit in order to give your softbox it's shape.

6. Work your way around the softbox installing the metal poles. Some will have a velcro casing. Make sure the end is fastened.

7. Set up the light stand.

8. Attach the light to the lightstand and secure in place.

9. Install the lightbulbs.

10. Attach the soft cloth to the velcro strips inside the soft box.

11. Finish by attaching the front cover to the velcro strips on the outside of the softbox.

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