Friday, July 8, 2011

How to Make a Miniature Pink Heart Sugar Cookie Charm

These little heart shaped sugar cookie charms are fun to make and really easy. You can use them as a charm or make a pair and have a cute set of earrings. Let's Get Started!

You'll need:
flesh tone polymer clay (like sculpey or fimo)
light pink polymer clay
pastel chalk set
exacto knife
micro beads
clear glitter
hat eye pin finding
wire cutters
polymer clay glaze

1. Roll out and flatten a small piece of flesh toned clay. I like to use a tiny bit of flour when I roll it out so the clay is not so sticky and won't stick to the table.

2. Use an exacto knife to cut out the shape of a heart. It doesn't have to be perfect. The edges will be rough, so don't worry. Take away the excess clay.

3. Round the edges of the heart with your finger so that it has more of a cookie shape.

4. Roll out and flatten a small piece of light pink clay. I made my own pink for this cookie by mixing some white and regular pink.

5. Cut out the shape of a heart a little smaller than the cookie piece. This doesn't have to be perfect either. If it's too small you can stretch it a little and if it's too big you can cut the excess off or push it into shape.

6. Position it on top of the sugar cookie. You'll want the cookie to show on the bottom so that the pink looks like icing.

7. Use micro beads as decorations. Position them one by one on the cookie in random places.

8. Sprinkle clear glitter on the top.

9. Cut a hat eye pin to size with some wire cutters and insert the finding in the top of the cookie.

10. Bake according to the instructions on the label.

11. When the cookie cools glaze it to give it a glossy finish.

That's it! Now you have a cute heart shaped cookie for your necklace, charm bracelet or earrings.

Watch the HowTo video for this project on YouTube or Be sure to

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