Monday, July 4, 2011

How To Make a Miniature Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies and making them out of polymer clay is fun and easy. You just have to know the little tricks to make it look realistic. I'm going to show you how. Let's get started!

You'll need:
A set of chalk pastels
An Exacto knife
A small paint brush
A kitchen sponge
Dark brown polymer clay
Flesh tone polymer clay

1. Cut off a small piece of flesh tone polymer clay and roll it into a ball.
2. Use the sponge to and press lightly until the clay is flat and in the shape of a cookie. The sponge will give the cookie texture.

3. Cut off a small piece of dark brown polymer clay. Roll it into a ball and then into a long cane piece.
4. Cut off teeny pieces at the end of the cane for the chocolate chips. Apply them in random places to the cookie.

5. Use the exacto knife to scrap off a little of the pastel chalk on the brown, flesh tone, pale yellow, yellow, and orange.
6. Dip the paint brush in the various colors and apply to the cookie to give it a fresh out of the oven baked look.

7. Now bake according to the directions on your polymer clay package and you're done!

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