Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to Make A Webkinz Puppy Dog Costume Outfit

I used a webkinz poodle to make this cute little puppy dog outfit but it will work on any stuffed animal toy. This outfit is made using frilly trim that you can find in the ribbon and lace section of any craft or fabric store. It has elastic so it's stretchy which means you won't need to add buttons or velcro as fasteners. You can just sew and go. Let's get started!

You'll need:
1 yard of trim for a small animal. If you have a larger stuffed animal you will need more.
Needle and thread or a sewing machine

1. Wrap the trim around the middle of the animal to get a measurement for the skirt. Then double it so that the skirt has an extra row of frill. This makes the skirt look fuller. Sew the two pieces at the top to secure them as one.

2. Sew the ends together. You can use a sewing machine but it's a lot easier to do this by hand since the pieces are so small.

3. Wrap the trim around the neck of the animal to measure the length you'll need for the collar. And sew the ends together. We won't double the trim for this or any of the other parts of the outfit because it will end up looking too bulky. Cut and sew the ends together.

4. Wrap the trim around the animal's ankles to measure for the feet decorations. You'll need four of these. Cut and sew the ends together.

5. Wrap the trim around the top of the ears to measure for the ear pieces. You'll need two of these. Cut and sew.

That's all there is to it. Now your Webkinz looks like she's all dressed up! Have Fun!

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