Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Make a Two Tiered Skirt for Monster High Doll

Make this cute two tiered skirt for your monster high doll. 
It's quick and easy to make and it will look fabulous when its finished.

You'll need:
7 3/4" of  2 1/4" wide Light Blue Trim
16" of 1/8" wide black ribbon with white polka dots
white velcro
sewing machine
needle and thread

Prepare: Cut the light blue trim into two pieces. You need one 3" piece and one 4 3/4" piece.
Note about the black polka dot ribbon: It's a lot easier to work with ribbons with a small width if you leave the ribbon on the spool as you sew. This is true if you're working by hand or using a sewing machine. The weight of the spool makes the ribbon easier to work with.

1. Place the two light blue pieces together with the wider piece on the bottom. This will form the basis of the skirt.

2. Add the black and white polka dot ribbon as a trim at the bottom of each skirt tier and the bottom of the waist of the skirt. Be careful not to sew through the two tiers when applying the ribbon to the top tier.

3. Flip up the top tier.  Turn the skirt so that wrong side is out and sew the bottom tier together (with a 1/4" seam allowance) forming the basis of the skirt.

4. Now turn it right side out and sew Velcro to the outside of the left side of the skirt and the inside of the right side of the skirt. And that's it!

Check out the video below for a full demonstration:

Design and video copyright 2011 Tiffany Mullins. All rights reserved.

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